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Ansonia albomaculata

White-lipped Slender Toad

Ansonia albomaculata is a lowland stream toad. 

The dark brown skin on the dorsum is warty, but the warts are low. A light spot is on the upper jaw below the eye, in our specimen extending to the shoulder. This species has a sharp tarsal ridge, present otherwise only in A. minuta.

Adult males are 20–30 mm in snout-vent length, females are up to 35 mm.

We have not documented tadpoles of Ansonia albomaculata tadpoles yet. Inger & Stuebing (2005) mention that tadpoles of this species are small (<15 mm) and have some cross markings on the head and body.




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Alexander Haas
Sandberg 120c 
25335 Elmshorn