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Ansonia longidigita

Long-fingered Slender Toad

Ansonia_longidigita_0 Ansonia_longidigita_2 Ansonia_longidigita_tadpole Ansonia_longidigita_tadpole2


Ansonia longidigita (literally "long-fingered") is a common toad of mid-elevation hills. Adults come to breed in small, clear brooks and streams. Males call from boulders in the stream or from nearby vegetation. 

This toad is quite similar to Ansonia leptopus but has elevated spiny warts with keratinized tips and the spines under the mandible are black. The nuptial pads in males are yellowish.

Size of adults males 40–50 mm, females up to 70 mm snout-vent length.

Specimen depicted on left is from Mt. Kinabalu, that on the right is from Crocker Range.

Tadpoles of this species are very small and commonly are <15 mm. They have dark markings on cream background color, similar to tadpoles of Ansonia leptopus but with a distinctly different pattern of the dark blotches. Also, A. longidigita tadpoles have a larger and more ventral oral disk than A. leptopus.




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