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Ansonia minuta

Dwarf Slender Toad

Ansonia_minuta_0 Ansonia_minuta_tadpole Ansonia_minuta_tadpole_oraldisc_2


Ansonia minuta is a common lowland stream toad. The specimens depicted on this page are from Kubah National Park, Sarawak. This species can easily be observed at night in Gading NP, Kubah NP and Mnt. Penrissen.

Adult males up to 23 mm snout-vent length, females 23–28 mm. This species has a sharp tarsal ridge, present otherwise only in A. albomarginata.

Calling males sit on saplings close to streams. Ansonia minuta tadpoles grow up to 25 mm. They possess the typical large oral sucker and tear-drop body shape that characterize tadpoles of the genus Ansonia. The body is streamlined, depressed. The tail fins are low and restricted to the distal half of the tail. Coloration is dark brown to black on dorsum.


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