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False Toad

1Pseudobufo_subasper 3Pseudobufo_subasper ZBA Female subasper3 4Pseudobufo_subasper ZBA Female subasper4 5Pseudobufo_subasper ZBA Female subasper5 6Pseudobufo_subasper ZBA Female subasper6 7Pseudobufo subasper ZMA Male subasper1


Pseudobufo subasper occurs in Malay Peninsula, Borneo, and Sumatra.

The species has pronounced aquatic habits and lives in close association with pools in coastal peat swamps. On the Island of Borneo it has been reported for Kalimantan. 

The toads are large: up to 94 mm in males and 155 mm in females (snout-vent lengths). The dorsum is brown to dark grey. There is a light lateral stripe and a medial dorsal stripe may be present. The toad is covered densely with warts. The head is moderately broad (compared to some other toads). 

Its aquatic life-style, lethargic habits and camouflage coloration make it difficult to find these toads (Inger & Stuebing 2005). Especially on Borneo where their distribution seems to be restricted. These toads are more easily seen in some parts of the Malay Peninsula where the photos with leaf litter background stems from. 

The other photos were kindly provided by ©Zainudin Basriansyah Akar and show a female from Kalimantan and foot webbing of a male from the same area. 

Males are distinguished from females by their black throat.


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