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Pelophryne linanitensis

Linanit Dwarf Toad

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Pelophryne linanitensis was described recently (Das 2008). It is known only from the type locality at Batu Linanit (Murud Range, Pulong Tau NP, Sarawak). This species must be considered a rare species, a so called micro endemism of isolated peaks of the Murud Range. It has been found high up in montane mossy forest at 2,250 m asl. Only few specimens are known to science, all are males. 

Size of adults: up to 18.6 mm snout-vent length in males. 

Fingers and toes are short, webbing is fleshy. The snout is obtuse. The coloration is dark brown with an indestinct, lighter brown hour-glass pattern on the back of the trunk. The limbs are significantly shorter in comparison to the other Pelophryne species, probably due to its ground dwelling behaviour. Fingers and toes are connected by fleshy webbing.The first finger is without a free phalange.

Males call from leaves at 5–15 cm above the deep layer of moss, leave litter, and roots covering the ground typical for this habitat. The call consists of a metallic 'ping' note, repeated 4–5 times in a call series. Reproductive behaviour is unknwon, tadpoles have not been found. 

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