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Pelophryne saravacensis

Sarawak Dwarf Toad

Pelophryne_saravacensis Pelophryne_saravacensis (1) Pelophryne_saravacensis (2)


Pelophryne saravacensis was described by Inger & Stuebing in 2009 and the following diagnosis was given by these authors: "Tips of fingers expanded into truncate discs, tip of third finger equal to or wider than tympanum; webbing leaving one to 1 1⁄2 phalanges of outer fingers free; heels meet when legs folded at right angle to body axis; no continuous ventrolateral light band; abdomen dark with small, distinct white spots; males without mandibular spines; adult males 17–20 mm, adult female 22 mm."

The skin is coarsely warty. The warts to not possess spines. Many of its warts bear a red dot. The species is very similar to Pelophryne guentheri, the main morphological difference being smaller size and relatively longer legs in P. saravacensis

We found males (photo) calling preferably from low vegetation 50–130 cm above ground. Reproduction and larval stages of this species are unknown.

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